Mission Statement

The mission of Battery Street Energy is to become the premier provider of renewable energy solutions and improved battery technology for small scale stationary grid tie and standby power applications.

Battery Street Energy provides energy solutions, products and services to the telecommunications industry based on more than 20 years’ experience, of cell site and outside plant (OSP) design, tower engineering, technical standards, installation and products to all major wireless carriers and tower companies operating in the USA.

Battery Street Energy have also positioned energy solutions and battery technology for use in small scale commercial, industrial and infrastructure facilities. These solutions are a perfect fit for a wide range of market opportunities including other stationary standby and transportation (aviation and marine) applications.

Since 2009 initial installations of solar (PV) and wind energy solutions to existing customers, primary continuing sales have been realized in Battery Street Energy's Telecel© battery packs. The Telecel© is offered as a direct replacement and improvement to any location currently using lead-acid battery technology. Longer life, operational cost savings, and smaller, lighter installations are just the beginning benefits. Reducing power costs through smart power use and enabling use of renewable energy make the Telecel© an application platform for ongoing benefits and bottom-line savings.