Battery Street Energy Products


BMX Multiplexer

BMX - Battery Multiplexer

Plug-and-Play Functionality for Charging Multiple Battery Technologies


Ideally suited for deployment in wireless telecom enclosures and racks, the BMX provides plug-and-play capability in a lightweight, 1U module, enabling up to four strings of batteries to be connected to the DC buss in legacy or new DC power systems.
Optimized for use with energy-dense, Telecel® lithium ferrous phosphate batteries, the BMX is not specific to any one technology and can be used to combine multiple battery technologies in the same DC power system. Separate 24-volt and 48-volt models are available to suit the DC system requirements.

MIC - Machine in Charge

Advanced power and HVAC system integration and control


The MIC is an advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) specifically designed for the wireless communications industry. The MIC integrates power systems, HVAC and site systems, such as alarms. With a compact 1U size, the MIC is easily deployed in existing racks, in outdoor cabinets and other equipment rooms and enclosures. All functions are software configurable, allowing the MIC to accept customer-provided code and highly customizable monitoring and control features.

DAS cube BSEDC-48-1000

Power Cabinet for DAS, WiFi, WiMAX


Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) enable carriers to expand and improve coverage in residential and historical areas while meeting stringent zoning and housing association regulations. However, locating on utility poles and other existing, non-invasive infrastructure, entails severe space and weight limitations. DAS cube provides a lightweight, compact power and back-up solution for DAS deployment, WiFi, WiMAX and other low-power, low-impact telecom sites. Housing a complete AC-DC power solution in a single box, DAS cube mounts independently or inside another enclosure.

ZipBox BSEZB-48-4000

Power Cabinet for Wireless Telecom Sites


LTE and other 4G technologies allow smaller, lighter radio cabinets with correspondingly smaller footprints and lease areas, but power systems have not evolved to match this. The ZipBox solves this problem by enabling rapid deployment in smaller spaces.
ZipBox can be mounted on a wall, H-frame, plinth, pole or other cabinet, using standard hardware or the fast Click-Bond bolt mounting option. ZipBox replaces heavy, bulky old technology power systems and is ideal for rooftop sites and other space and weight-constrained locations.

BSE180PV-S Standard Solar Panel, Single


The standard solar panel module is compact and easy to locate on a wide variety of mounts and existing infrastructure. Multiple panels can be grouped in a variety of configurations achieving maximum power outputs exceeding 5,000 W.

BSE200WT-S Small Wind Turbine - Single


The small wind turbine is light and easy to mount on existing infrastructure. Multiple turbines can be cascaded for maximum power outputs from 200 W to 5,000 W, making this the ideal choice for augmenting site power for any size facility.

Telecel© External Cable BSE-BXCB-2

48V Power Cable


(1) 48V Y cable places (2) 24V Telecel® Battery Packs into series, providing 48 volts at the positive and negative equipment lead ends. Available in 3 foot and 10 foot lengths.

Telecel© Heater Kit BSE-BXHK48DC-200-7

48V DC Accessory Heater Kit


48V DC / 200 W heater mat for use with the Telecel® Model BSE24-7B60-HC batteries installed in selected cold-climate locations.